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Memo Book 6.3

Stores structured text documents with attachments in a file.

Stores structured text documents with attachments in a single file.

Memo Book is a personal information manager (PIM) to store text documents with attached files in a flexible tree structure. A part or the whole structure can be exported to a new Memo-Book-file, HTML-files, MS Compiled HTML (CHM) or to Portable-File-Format (PDF).

All documents and attached files are stored encrypted and compressed in a single file (*.mbk), which makes it easier to share information and to use at work and at home as well as during travels. The usage of one of the best high secure encryption algorithms Rijndael256 allow you to save top secret or private information.

Every document owns a virtual file system to storing attached files. Files can be added or exported per Drag & Drop from or to the Windows Explorer. This virtual file system can be navigated like the Windows Explorer.

The text editor owns the almost same features like MS Word and supports paragraphs, tables, lists, images, background, URL, alignment, header and footer, page numbers as well as a integrated live spell check for many languages.

Some features:

• Flexible tree structure

• Attached files to every document

• MS Word like text editor

• Export a structure to a new Memo-Book file

• Export a structure to HTML-files

• Export a structure to MS Compiled HTML (CHM)

• Export a structure to Portable-File-Format (PDF)

• Import from another Memo-Book file

• Export and Import of a document as Richtext, DOCX, HTML, MHT, PDF, Word and many more

• High secure encryption (Rijndael256)

• Text documents and attached files will stored with compression in the Memo Book

• Integrated live spell check for many languages

• Integrated file viewer for common files

• Function to speech the document text

• Full Unicode support

• Many user languages

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Memo Book


Memo Book 6.3

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